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Tugas 1



1. I has bought a book.
2. You have played football.
3. Mrs. Jennifer has live in Medan since 2013.
4. Mr. Rangga has been in Bali.
5. He has washed my car in the garage already.
6. They have cleaned the rooms in the hotel already.
7. She has not studied English at school since 1997.
8. Lisa has gone Jakarta already.
9. Have they played football for 15 minutes?
10. Rini has not drived the car to her office yet.


1. Have you been a salesman for a long time ?
2. Alda has been here since this morning.
3. She has been a nurse in the hospital since 2010.
4. Adi has been a mechanic in the workshop for 4 years.
5. Has He been success in that business?
6. I have not been busy in my office since this morning.
7. The bus has not been in the workshop since yesterday.
8. We have not been here since three minutes ago.
9. I have been in campus since three hours ago.
10. He has been sick for 5 days .


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