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The Legend of Nyai Brintik

One day, the Kingdom of Demak held a washing ceremony of all kerises of the kingdom. It was an important event. It was held annually. A lot of people were flooded there to see the ceremony. They wanted to see a variety of supernatural kerises. The sacred ceremony was usually led by Sunan Kalijaga. Unfortunately, because he had another duty from the kingdom, the job of a washing ceremony of all kerises was led by Sunan Muria.
Meanwhile, on a hill not far from the Kingdom of Demak, there was a very beautiful woman. Her name was Nyai Bintik. People called Nyai Bintik because she had curled hair. Beside she was beautiful, she also had supernatural power. She got her supernatural from a hermit named Patih Danurejo from the Kingdom of Wengker. Nyai Berintik was one of the persons who wanted to see the washing ceremony of all kerises of the Kingdom of Demak. She was in the middle of the crowd.
The ceremony of washing the kerises began. Two of the kerises that would be washed were Kyai Sengkelat and Kyai Pasupati. Most of the people who wanted to get a blessing from the two kerises were fighting to get the splash of water used in the ceremony of washing the kerises.
Suddenly, when the two kerises were taken out from the wooden box, Nyai Brintik grabbed them swiftly from Sunan Muria and flew away. Sunan. All of the people there were surprised at that event. Nyai Brintik could not be stopped. She disappeared like being swallowed by the earth.
The news about the loss of the two kerises shook the Kingdom of Demak. The King of Demak took an action quickly by sending his special team to catch her. The result was good. One of his men managed to find out her hiding place. It was on a high hill with big trees and wild animals.
It was late at night, Nyai Brintik woke up and saw the two kerises. She said to her self that she would be the powerful woman in the region. She could do anything with the two kerises.
Feeling hot inside the hiding place, Nyai Barntik went out. She looked at the sky and the stars. Then she got into the hiding place. Suddenly, she saw a man standing in front of the door.
“Who are you?”, said Nyai Brintik.
Then the man told her that he was sent by the King od Demak to take the two kerises from Nyai Bintik. Hearing that, Nyai Brintik got angry and attached him. Unfortunately, she missed her attack. The man could avoid her strike. Frustrated, she got out her keris and stabbed it to the man. She missed again but the man ran away. His body felt too hot of her keris. Then he fell down a few meters before Nyai Bintik.
Suddenly, there was a mysterious man appearing before Nyai Bintik. He told her to return the two kerises.
“Nyai Bintik, the two kerises are not yours. If you want to be safe, you must return them soon. It’s of no use having the two kerises. Please give them to me”, said the mysterious man.

Hearing such advice, Nyai Bintik got angry and attached him at once. Unfortunately, she missed her attack. Nyai Bintik used up all of her strength, but the man kept calm and managed to avoid Nyai Brintik’s attack. At last, Nyai Bintik became tired and hopeless after fighting for many hours. She fell down and kneeled to that man. She lost her strength. She also wondered to know who exactly the man was.
“Nyai Bintik, you should know. I’m Sunan Kalijaga”, the man said calmly.
Then Nyai Bintik was aware that there was still a man whose supernatural power was above her. She did not feel arrogant again. She did not oppress the others.
“Here you are, Kanjeng Sunan”, said Nyai Brintik. She gave the two kerises to Sunan Kalijaga. The two kerises were taken to the Kingdom of Demak.
The King of Demak had a special meeting to welcome the return of the two kerises. It was attended by all ministers, regents and also all Sunans.
“Thank you, Kanjeng Sunan Kalijaga”, said the King. The two kerises had returned to the palace. The King asked all of the audience to stay for a while in the palace to discuss about the future of Demak.
Since that event, Nyai Brintik became one of Sunan Kalijaga’s students. She was smart, brilliant and loyal to the Kingdom of Demak. Besides, she always used her supernatural power to help the others.
A few years later, Nyai Brintik passed away and she was buried in Mount Brintik in Semarang. Her cemetery is often visited by a lot of people up to now.

From : http://yunitahatibiemaghi01.blogspot.com/2011/01/materi-kuliah-bahasa-inggris-umum-pgsd.html


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